What are the different components of a server?

By their very nature, servers are types of computers that hold shared programs, files, and the network operating system. Just like other computers, there are different components of server. They include the following:

  • Motherboard

Just like any other computer a Dual Xeon Server has a motherboard, which acts as the main electronic circuit board. All the other components of the server are usually attached to the motherboard. On it is the processor, chipset, expansion slots, hard drive controller, and memory.

  • Processor

Among the components of a server, the processor is the brain of the computer. It’s also known as the central processing unit (CPU). Although it works in tandem with other components, the type of processor you get on your Dual Xeon Server will determine the quality of server.

  • Random Access Memory (RAM)

In a Dual Xeon Server, it’s the memory that enables you to host a website. To the server, RAM is equivalent to the human brain’s short-term memory.

  • Hard drive

Of the many components of a server, the hard drive is the place where files and software are stored. In servers, the hard drive is bigger than what’s used in PCs.

  • Network port

This is one of the most important Dual Xeon Server components. Network adapters are usually built into the motherboard.

  • Power supply

Of course, the power supply is the part that powers all the other components of a server.